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Kids for Rhinos
Hi Kids,
In each park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park, were born in 1999 a rhinobabie. Two little rhinos who, like their parents, must be looked after all the time. The Frankfurt Zoological Society, which is protecting the black rhinos in Tanzania, has proposed me to be their sponsor. The donation costs 50 US$ per mouts Of course, this is a lot of money and nobody of us is able to pay so much.
But together, we can get it - our own rhino.
A monthly amount would be great but a single donation would also be helpful!
Download here a small quiz for children (150 KB)



Rhino, painted by Nora Stigrot, 12 years


Rhino, painted by Ludwig Werner. Age: 6 years.

Rhino, painted by Kilian Hermann, Age: 9 years.
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